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A word of admonition about Acclaim card settlement fortification schemes

The colonize who sell you the guidelines and who take out your monthly payment for 'card protection' are not all the time (in fact, often aren't) the associates who you will be production with in the event of a claim.

So be careful.

I took out my belief card armor cover last November (2004). I carelessly watched the monthly payments being taken up to date. I freshly made a claim. ) I had a heart argument and had to be off work for 8 weeks) I sent off for the claim forms, I sent them back, at once with doctor's certificate; and waited. I in the end got a ask for from the assurance business asking me to prove that I was in work for the 6 months prior to charming out the insurance. What??? You may ask! Why? Well I called them and asked them - Why? The counter was that it was a 'condition of the policy' that I had to have been in employment for the six months up to the time I took out the policy. 'Why was ~I not asked for this in rank when I took out the policy? I asked. The answer: 'You will have to ask your acclaim card circle that, we just alias the claims. No total of indignance of questioning got me a judicious response. I put the phone down in disgust. After all, My monthly payments were established with no quibble at all. No one asked me if I was in employment for the preceding six months when I signed on the dotted line for 'payment protection'.

I certain to call the acknowledgment card band and all I got was an automated automaton asking me for my sixteen-digit balance digit ? ho hum. Been here ahead of when I was demanding to get them to send me out the claim form. I put the phone down.

Be warned. All is not what it seems to be. These guys will fall over themselves to sell you the payment protection. But you wait until you need to claim on it. It's a atypical story then.

Don't say I didn't tell you ?

Steve Kaye is a self-employed Essayist alive in Torquay Devon. You can commerce him on kaye. steve@gmail. com


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